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Subject: He Was the Best
Date: 27 Aug 1998 19:30:25 GMTI had just moved to a new neighborhood. I didn't know anybody and was
starting junior high school. i was pretty lonely that summer. i remember
i used to jerk-off all the time thinking about the two boys back in my
old neighborhood who used to fuck me. they were about 15 and were
friends. Adam was the first to fuck me after i let him see my ass. then
he told Hector (who had a huge dick that hurt everytime he fucked me).
anyway, my parents moved into a very quiet area where some of the houses
shared the backyard. that was the case with our house and our neighbor's
house. our neighbor was a black lady who lived with her son. he was
about 16. i used to look at him all the time and wonder about his dick.
he never looked at me.
there was one saturday when my parents went away to new jersey to visit
friends. i decided to stay. i knew i was going to be alone the whole
day and so was the boy next door because his mother was never there on
the weekends. of course, i didn't know how to get his attention; and i
was actually afraid of him. he usually spent most of the day playing
basketball in the backyard. sometimes i'd go out and watch him or i'd
watch him from the basement window (my room was in the basement). that
saturday i decided to jerk off watching him from the basement window.
i'd notice how Nn Preteen his dick bounced (i don't think he wore underwear) and i
especially liked when he came running after the ball right by my window.
i'd get a close up of his crotch (i was hiding behind curtains). i got
so horny watching him. i really wanted his dick up my ass. i guess i got
really desperate because i decided to take off the curtains and lay on
the bed with my ass exposed. my bed was right by the window so that if
the neighbor boy came near he'd see my exposed ass. i remember i was
humping Nn Preteen the bed and fingering my ass. i used to put vaseline in my ass
while i fingered myself.
i did that for a while thinking he wasn't going to notice. then i heard
a tapping on the window and when i looked it was jason (that was his
name) looking in. i spread my ass for Nn Preteen him and he smiled. he came into
the house (i'd left the door opened hoping for this) and went straight
down to my room. i was laying on my belly. he pulled the front of his
shorts down. he had a really nice dick. he kneeled over me, placed the
tip of his dick on my asshole and pushed it in. i wasn't ready for that
and i felt pain. i told him to wait, to take it easy and tried pushing
him out.
"what the fuck... don't you want me to fuck you?" he said
"Yeah, but it hurts" i said, trying to push him off.
he grabbed me by the wrists, held my arms down and pushed his dick in
all the way in. he fucked me like that for a long time until he came. he
asked me if i had liked it and i said yes.
"you want me to fuck you again?" he asked
i just nodded yes. i was still laying on my belly. he took off his
shorts and climbed on top of me. he rubbed his dick against the crack of
my ass until it was rock hard again. then he pushed it in again. this
time he fucked me longer and harder than before. i layed there quiet and
still just letting this boy fuck my ass. i propped up my ass and he
started grinding in his dick and telling me how he loved fucking my
little girl ass. i was in heaven. after that day he fucked my little
girl ass almost everyday. he'd take me to some hidden corner, grind his
dick against my ass until i took my pants down, then he'd push his dick
in and fuck me hard. he was the best!
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Nn Preteen

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Nn Preteen
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